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Ex-offender Car Insurance: What You Need To Know

Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned it to, but life goes on. Just because you have a driving conviction doesn’t mean you can’t drive again. It does mean, however, it’s harder to obtain car insurance – especially affordable car insurance. It’s important you know everything about ex-offender car insurance before you begin. At the end of the day, you can’t drive without insurance. What do you need to know?

Convictions covered

Depending on the ex-offender car insurance company you’re applying with, there will be variations in sentences they are able to cover. For example, MyFirstUK, cover:

  • Convictions for driving without insurance,
  • Un-spent non-motoring convictions,
  • Penalty points for speeding,
  • Previous bans or disqualifications from driving,
  • Drink-driving ban,
  • Drug-driving ban,
  • Convictions for dangerous driving,
  • Failing to stop after an incident, and
  • Traffic light offences.

If any in the list applies to you, you’re in luck. MyFirstUK covered all of the above.

Convicted drivers insurance – what is it?

Driving is essential to some jobs. Not being able to drive can affect people who rely on you. By constantly putting pressure on friends and family to get you from place to place, you could cause unhealthy resentments. We understand the stress.

Convicted drivers insurance is almost identical to regular car insurance. However, it takes into account your previous convictions. As you might imagine, criminal car insurance companies see previous convictions as high risk. The higher the risk, the higher the cost of providing you with insurance. Premiums need to reflect risk.

There are three different types of convicted driver insurance. Depending on your circumstances, there will be a policy for you.

Firstly, there is a Third Party Only Insurance. Many convicted drivers choose this option as it’s considered the cheapest, although that’s not always the case. Often insurers predict that more people will choose this and hoick up the prices to compensate.

Secondly, Third Party, Fire and Theft, is a more advanced version of Third Party Only that also covers theft or destruction by fire.

Finally, there is a Fully Comprehensive Insurance. Safer drivers choose this option, and it may actually be cheaper. It gives drivers a higher level of protection but can be more cover than you need.

It is worth investigating all types of insurance policies to find the cheapest or has the highest value for money. Sometimes getting Fully Comprehensive Insurance is slightly more expensive but you get more for your money. In some cases, it can actually be cheaper.

Recent changes in the law

From 2018, a law passed that required insurance brokers to ask questions regarding your criminal convictions. You have to declare your convictions in order to assess the situation. This allowed more convicted drivers to obtain insurance. Therefore, declare your convictions and expect lots of questions.

It might also be worth noting that a caution is not a criminal conviction. Simply paying off a speeding ticket doesn’t mean you are a convicted driver. However, when renewing your policy, you may need to declare these details.

Driving with Ex-offender Car Insurance

Using a dashcam can lower your premiums. It keeps your car safe from theft and provides evidence that any damaged caused was not your fault. Sometimes having a dashcam can save you as much as 30% of the car insurance policy. Insurance companies, such a MyFirstUK, will give you all the information you need to get and fit a dashcam to start saving money.

Keeping your car in a safe place, such as in a driveway or garage can lower the cost of your insurance. It’s often beneficial to ask your insurer for the best place to park your car because they tend to have a different view on where it is safest.

Consider using Telematics. This is also known as Black Box Car Insurance. It’s a way of insurers monitoring your driving. They can adjust your insurance prices based on the results. If the insurer considers you as a poor driver, then it might even raise your premiums. The black box is a small device fitted somewhere in your car. Remember, insurance covers you from the start of your policy, regardless of whether you have the black box yet.

Driving the least amount of miles you will reduce the likelihood of an accident. It’s not worth lying about because it could invalidate your insurance. However, it could save you money if your journey is short.

Consider a driver rehabilitation course. We’ve all heard of the speed awareness course, and these are not dissimilar. These courses can teach you the laws of the road and what happens if you don’t follow them. Insurance companies will consider lowing premiums on completion of the course.

Benefits of using MyFirstUK

MyFirstUK can save you money by doing all the leg work for you! We’ll search through our extensive network to find the best deal for you.

They also offer finance schemes to help drivers afford insurance. In addition to this, they have one of the lowest initial deposit payments in the UK. As predominantly a young driver insurance broker, they have a range of leading UK insurance providers.

Risk of not having Ex-offender Car Insurance

Not having Criminal Car Insurance after having received a conviction will see you in hot water again. You will increase your insurance premiums even more. Alternatively, you may not be able to get insurance at all. It may even lead to facing tougher sentencing. We know it’s tough paying more in insurance than the cost of your car. However, you have to take into account the costs of injury and damage to other cars as the result of an accident.

Do you have any further questions on Ex-offender Car Insurance?

Remember, you must declare your criminal convictions. Call us today on 0333 305 5116 or email us at enquires@myfirstuk.com and see how we can help you get back on the road. Alternatively, if you fill out our online form, we will contact you directly to discuss your exact insurance requirement. We work without prejudice to help you find a policy that matches your needs.

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