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Being accepted for car insurance after a conviction can be difficult. However, getting insurance is essential, especially if you rely on driving for your work. For those who need to drive for their livelihood can risk losing their job and their home. In return, this can put an immense pressure on families and loved ones.

At MyFirst, we want to help to relieve the stress. We will work hard to scour the market to find the best deals and the cheapest car insurance for convicted drivers. We know that every case is different and will spend time getting to know your individual circumstances and understand your conviction. We can help find tailored insurance such as specialist drink-driving insurance or speeding convictions insurance.

What Is Convicted Driver Insurance?

Convicted driver insurance offers the same level of protection as regular car insurance. However, it will take into account your previous convictions. Usually, convicted drivers are seen as a high risk to insurers, and high premiums typically reflect that risk. However, at MyFirst, we take into account your specific circumstances and your conviction to help find the best and most affordable insurance policy.

One of the ways we can help to find cheaper insurance for convicted drivers is through our dash cam insurance policy. The MyFirst dash cam insurance policy comes with a Next Base Dash Cam. You can pick up the dash cam at your local Halfords store. The team at Halfords will install the dash cam free of charge, and you can drive away saving money on your insurance policy.

The dash cam helps to give you an added level of protection, giving you evidence in the case of any incidents and accidents. Dash cams can also help to keep the roads safer as well as giving you greater peace of mind when you’re out and about on the roads.

In some cases, insurers will refuse even to offer convicted drivers insurance; this can mean the search for insurance can be stressful and time-consuming. At MyFirst we will search the market on your behalf and come up with the best deals and policies based on your requirements. Our specialist advisors have excellent connections with the best insurers who offer policies for convicted drivers. Our experienced team members can help to secure the right level of insurance at the best price.

Which Type Of Insurance Is Best For Convicted Drivers?

There are three different types of insurance available for convicted drivers; Third Party, Third Party, Fire and Theft and Fully Comprehensive. At MyFirst, we offer all three options for convicted drivers.

Many convicted drivers, opt for Third Party Only insurance as this is generally seen as the cheapest option. However, insurers know that convicted drivers will usually choose Third Party Only insurance as it is cheaper and therefore insurers believe this insurance bracket is riskier. Subsequently, insurers often make Third Party Only insurance more expensive.

Comprehensive insurance is usually chosen by safer drivers and therefore can often be a cheaper option, despite giving drivers a higher level of protection.

It is worthwhile asking the advisor to find a range of policies for Third Party and Fully Comprehensive to work out which is cheaper. You may discover that you get more for your money with Fully Comprehensive convicted driver insurance.

Remember, insurance is a legal requirement and to ensure you do not receive another conviction; you will need to make sure you have adequate insurance in place.

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Top Tips On Lowering Convicted Driver Insurance Premiums

1. Increase the excess

One of the best ways to lower your insurance premiums is to increase the amount of excess you will pat in the event of a claim. Of course, this amount needs to be affordable for you. Do not raise your excess too high otherwise you may not be able to afford to make a claim.

2. Use a dash cam

Dash cam insurance can help to lower your premiums by keeping your car safe and providing valuable evidence in the event of an incident or accident.

3. Park safely

Keeping your car in a safe place such as a driveway or garage can not only help to keep your car in a safe place but may also lower your premiums.

4. Reduce your mileage

Doing less miles will usually mean you are less likely to be in an accident. If possible, lower your mileage and you may save money on your premiums. However, don’t lie about your mileage, if you do make a claim and your mileage is over the limit, this could invalidate your insurance.

5. Don’t reoffend

Reoffending will increase your premiums. It may make you unable to get insurance until you are no longer a convicted driver. If you reoffend, your current policy may be cancelled. Reoffenders are also more likely to face tougher sentencing.

6. Driver Rehabilitation Courses

Driver rehabilitation course are designed to help convicted drivers become safer drivers. These courses teach the laws of the road and consequences of not abiding by them. Upon completion of the course, some insurers will lower their premiums.

The three types of car insurance

Third party

This is the minimum level of cover you can need by law. This coverage will only pay out if you cause damage to other people’s property or need to pay compensation or injury-related costs to other people. Third party insurance does not cover you as the driver; it also won’t cover repairs or replacement of your vehicle. Despite having the lowest coverage, third-party insurance is typically the most expensive as the drivers that usually choose this policy are 18% more likely to crash.

Third Party Fire and Theft

As well as the coverage you receive with third party insurance, this type of policy will also cover you if your car is stolen or damaged by fire. This type of insurance can be ideal for those with a cheaper vehicle. However, similar to third party insurance, it is often not the most competitive policy available.

Fully Comprehensive

This type of insurance has the highest level of cover. It will cover damage to third party vehicles as well as damage to your own vehicle. It will also cover a high range of causes of damage such as accidents as well as fire and theft. Fully comprehensive insurance used to be the most expensive. However, younger drivers then started to opt for third party and third party fire and theft insurance to get a cheaper deal. As the risk in these categories increased, so did the premiums. Now, fully comprehensive is often the cheapest insurance option available.

What convictions can we insure?

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Convictions for driving without insurance

Un-spent non-motoring convictions

Penalty points for speeding

Previous bans or disqualification from driving

Drink-driving ban

Drug-driving ban

Convictions for
dangerous driving

Convictions for failing to stop after an incident

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