We are finalists for Personal Lines Broker of the Year and the Customer Care award.

MyFirst are thrilled to be finalists for the British Insurance Awards 2022! It is amazing for our efforts to be recognised for such a high-profile event in the insurance calendar.

Personal Lines Broker of the Year recognises top quality personal lines service with personal lines products and service innovation in the context of profitable growth. This goes hand in hand with the Customer Care Award which recognises the personalised and tailored customer experienced offered within the insurance industry.

At MyFirst we take pride in our customer journey therefore we put customer service and experience at the forefront of our operation with the aim of improving the insurance experience across the UK for young and convicted drivers

A note from our Founder and CEO, James Noble:
"As a team we set out to create a go to brand that helps young people tackle their first-time car insurance policies. It’s an area I’m passionate about having struggled myself and connecting with this audience has always proven difficult for the wider industry. Being recognised by the British Insurance Awards for all the hard work we have put in is an honour, something I am very proud of and a complete testament to our efforts."